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latest news in the week's top stories the brutal killing of a soldier in london by alleged muslim extremist leaves the u.k. really amid a sharp rise in anti muslim hate crimes as security services come under under fierce scrutiny. sweden is shaken by eight straight nights of unprecedented youth rioting sparked by the police killing of an elderly immigrant. and. millions take just treats across the world to protest against biotech giant monsanto is the company's accused of promoting houses products and monopolise in food markets. six am in moscow i'm at treasure bring you today's top stories and
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a look back at the week's news here on r t our top story britons were shocked on wednesday by the savage killing of a soldier in broad daylight by suspected islam is in london the country's security services have come in for particular criticism after it emerged that you suspects had been tracked by m i five for years some reports suggest the security services even tried to recruit one of the attackers six months ago nine people arrested now in connection with the case three of them already released on bail attackers claim they were motivated by revenge for british military option actions overseas r.t. sarah firth has more. a flag at half mast a grizzly attack with a machete style knife and a murdered soldier his death leaves behind a two year old son the seemingly behind this police a max seeking to bring scenes of violence usually seen in war ravaged parts of the world to the london suburb of will in a poignant interview r.t. spoke to an army officer who told us of the reaction among some in the armed forces
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to remain anonymous. a moment. not scared maybe scared you never get someone to. be scared i witness accounts of the precise attack details the men chanting is in the midst slogans as the body of soldier drama leverage to be a second battalion the royal regiment to use the layers they only pleading they asked people to d.d.a. then if you listen to the words of the attackers themselves it's clear that they will wish to bring the war which they saw prosecuted on the streets of baghdad and to the streets of london to speaking at a press conference london mayor boris johnson okayed many senior political figures trying to distance this latest act of violence in the case of recent aid to seize exploits this is not a question of blaming the religion of islam it is certainly not
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a question or blaming any aspect of british foreign policy or what british troops are do in operations abroad when they risk our lives on behalf of all of us the london mayor in charge at the time of the london two thousand and five bombings disagrees they are lying they are completely complicit with the united states policy to cite tony blair was george bush. prepared to stand and say well we think this strategy has been a disaster has been just announced or not just for the young man killed on the streets of london but for the hundreds of thousands of. people in afghanistan and in iraq who've been killed a simple reality if you invade other people's countries they come back it's one side of an argument but one that's going to be weighing heavily on many now that this has hit so close to home you feel less secure i think that's one
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ace. he think if we went out there then perhaps a bit more space scope for al qaeda to produce the sounds they'd be afraid more within the u.k. because when we're out there with constrict in space and not allow in that freedom of maneuver now then that means their base of operations i think he was we can both say the arguments we now use because we're out there we're inspiring the more motivates in the presence of the resource motivating the cells that back in the u.k. to operate more and carry out more attacks as the police investigation continues that deep sense of guilt and outrage from the local community here in southeast london at that brutal attack and they think from an educated across the country as people struggle to come to terms with how a crime like that could happen here so i'll say london u.k. seen a surge in anti muslim sentiment following the attack far right activists rally in several cities sometimes clashing with police
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a number of people arrested for racially motivated assaults more than one hundred fifty such incidents reported in the u.k. since wednesday's killing earlier this week my colleague bill di discussed reasons behind the latest violence with ian dunn editor of politics write code at u.k. and carlos scored tell us from the far right wing british national party. what immigration be responsible immigration custody eight to get those you have get across the u.k. people who find difficulties who will find you to integrate. all right and they don't know what a lot of you are the fact that example it's immigration isn't working it's irresponsible and there isn't enough included in this efficiencies that. you know that on so of course the major. major major problem with what he's saying is that this acts of terrorism really conducted by the far right you very generously describe the b.n.p. as
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a right wing party idea they're not right wing they're far right they're a fascist party and the acts of violence that they trade against mosques against property the threats against muslims these are also acts of terrorism these are also acts of violence by non-state actors political means but i've got to learn from and i have to do something to do with my i have a right to help like others to declare all exaggeration or is done by right wing fanatics and i have to come to know the person. the other person who's talking he said noting completely the funked the personally have an open dialogue with most in communities that recently i had the bait with muslim communities in books in but the city in london about these very issues of religion. for importances staff will be on the border to us and others and we. should refuse a racist you should learn about what are you know proud of on ok just listen to mr
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dunn now please but you know i wouldn't don't know we don't know we don't. have websites people from east. people from from they. let me really judge their members. only the. well it sounds some other lunatics who also agree with your demented view of the world however that does not mean that you know what is there what is that they mentioned actually was he is the us or are you not yet if you just took just for me to say it don't you know i just ask you shorted the british people died there a pull by what's happened they want to stroll response from government they don't want a reaction that could be tempered by fears of political incorrectness what should be done there's going to be some strong reaction surely political correctness really has no connection to where the you have a viable response to a terrorist incident stopping terrorism is about having joined up services by intelligence agencies by the police by mental health authorities by schools by the
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muslim community these are the kind of sensible out moves that you take to prevent violence the issue. we have a social problem gone by without these us first foreign policy. these with god for the rights of other countries and of course people who who are leaving in isolation cut moldings with the outside world with it. and when the british governments go on the run each off course they are on grief. over so they your owing to the nation. meanwhile a large manhunt underway after an apparent copycat attack in paris on saturday where a soldier was stabbed in the neck the suspect reportedly of north african origin and counter-terror officers involved the investigation but the french president stopped short of linking the attack to the london murder activists who got shot in
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the thinks violence will be used to demonize muslims and draw attention away from government policies. these type of attacks plays into the strength of the g.o.p. the state to promote a full sense of islam so that is done so what people of the masses around the world can see wrongly as islam is a disgusting version of the faith and in so doing criminalizes all muslims around the world and then they use these groups in asia to conduct the stabilization so the french can go in pretending to be the neutral arbitrators bringing peace and stability and this is a big game with the it's a smoke and mirrors that really has to be distinctive from from a position that is opposing western germany as part of the state strategy is to make sure that everyone is pointing fingers at everyone but the actual of the trade off the economic crisis of police corruption or unjust an immoral foreign policy i.e. those in power in france. and sweden the peace of the normally track will scandinavian country was shattered as riots rage in the capital before hitting other cities for
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eight nights in a row now use from disadvantaged neighborhoods set fire to cars schools and police stations undeterred by a heavy police presence riots triggered after an elderly man was shot dead by police in an area of stockholm mostly populated by immigrants artie's peter all of our investigations. nice neat and normal not the type of place you would expect to see this. speak on the outskirts of stockholm the epicenter of sweden's issue with a race that's bubbling over in sweden you get welfare you get access to the education system up to university level you get access to public transport to libraries to health care to everything and still they feel that they need to throw stones and molotov cocktails it's ridiculous it's a bad excuse the violence in the usually peaceful city has become a political football the swedish democrats are exploiting these events to make it
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all about immigration to suit their needs they see being anti immigrant as being pro sweden for the past week stone throwing and burning become the norm in this part of town known for its high unemployment rate dominantly immigrant population all sparked after a sixty nine year old man was gunned down by police while brandishing a knife that's let loose a wrong leash of emotions it's the state that creates this type of gets wise ation of men so they move everyone from abroad into these parts of town when it comes to unemployment sweden is below the average over the almost one quarter of under twenty five out of work prompting some to say it's time for further action saying a lack of control by government has led to the situation the police can put the ride down in five minutes if the politicians were to allow them although swedes defer over what caused this week's violence they are in agreement that its
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government policy must be changed to avoid scenes like this being repeated on the streets of stockholm peter all of r.t. sweden here's a syrian conflict could spread over the borders once again being stoked this is the border area of syria lebanon israel is true. with rockets fired just a day after the hezbollah hezbollah leader backed assad in the fight against rebels more on that later in the program. but first a wave of protests against food giant monsanto rolled across the globe saturday with as many as two million voicing their anger at the corporation people marched in dozens of countries with activists accusing the biotech titan of suffocating small farmers out of business and pushing a house that is genetically modified crops to the market while many are angry the legal protection the firm gets in a number of nations thanks to its extensive lobbying efforts monsanto itself maintains products improve agriculture and conserve resources or he's honest r.c. church has more from new york. throughout the world and in dozens of cities across
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the united states weekends of action against monsanto takes place were in the heart of the protests in the big apple where hundreds of people have been marching through the streets of the city demanding that monsanto put an end to its actions the corporate giant the biotech global giant has been very controversial its existence for over a century accused of genetically engineered and genetically modified food culture and food accused of turning a blind eye on the health consequences of the food that it produces i and also immense lobbying powers that it has in washington d.c. for one piece of sleeping in the same bed really with politicians blocking any kind of legislation that would make life for morning ham on santa's more difficult and promoting and pushing through legislation that protects the rights of this biotech
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giant these companies are manipulating the food chain to their own advantage for monetary gain there's a few people making a lot of money and we deserve to have better then there may be no way to fully tackle that machine and even boats which monsanto mud santo and the government are one. we have a supreme court justice who was a lawyer for the month santo corporation how much independence do we have really in our government all of these people that have come out onto the streets according to our estimates throughout the world it's hundreds of thousands of people protesting this weekend in the local marches against monsanto what they're demanding is a labeling object most and also demanding further scientific research into genetically engineered genetically modified products and food and what they're hoping is that these big corporations such as monsanto at least begin to have less power and the voice of the people is heard that legislators begin to understand
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what it is that people want especially in the united states where any kind of significant legislation against monsanto has traditionally been blocked by legislators associate artsy new york. or over a web site r.t. dot com for an exclusive report on how the day of action against monsanto played out across the globe and later this hour a chilling feature on how even the most traditional foods are being genetically modified take a look at. some of these traditional chili lines they've been bred and developed and passed down from generation to. this is a total destruction of the culture of new mexico by telling them i mean this this is not going to impact a swelling in mexico whatever happens here we're going to have to hope world now we're eating that in the in the open a you know organism or. genetically engineered crops why do you think this country is full of obese and sick people because we have
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a crappy food system. on thursday president obama ordered a review of the justice department's investigations of the associated press and fox news the government says it sees journalist records over concerns about the leaking of classified security data this comes amid what seen as washington stepped up persecution of whistleblowers artie's marine important i reports from new york. he's the australian wiki leaks founder holed up in the ecuadorian embassy on u.k. soil and across the atlantic members of the american press corps are learning what it feels like to receive the julian a songe treatment the justice department subpoenaed in obtaining the telephone records of the associated press over a two month period without any notice think about the harm done to the a.p. here you know object of interest to intimidate people who talk to reporters the department of justice wasn't just targeting the associated press apparently it also
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went after fox news reporter our very own james rosen what you've got here is a situation where somehow now journalism has been criminalized dozens of journalists have been secretly investigated by the justice department for reporting on national security issues government officials secretly obtained reporters' phone logs and personal e-mails trying to find out who leaked classified information to the press even if you side with this president over those of us in the media who challenge him in his administration it is important to remember the president these action set going forward perhaps when it's not your guy in the white house the guy currently residing in the white house has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the espionage act than all other administrations combined and now experts say u.s. news outlets are being persecuted just like wiki leaks has been the obama administration has really taken the executive branch powers have been kimmitt
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dating the free press from under the bush administration and exponentially multiplied them addressing the nation this week the us president said journalists should not be at legal risk for doing their jobs but leakers will pay the price i believe we must keep information secret. it protects our operations and our people in the field to do so we must enforce consequences for those who break the law and breach their commitment to protect classified information however some think the lines are becoming increasingly blurred this is the first time. you know national security has been used to get reporters i mean that really is frightening trying because it's usually used to get leakers so if the bombing ministration releases justice department thinks that they can use criminal laws to get journalists because they're coconspirators i mean honestly that's one of the worst things i've
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come across and all the years i've been doing this the new yorker magazine has pulled a page from wiki leaks to protect those who want to share something the u.s. government doesn't want revealed it launched an open source dropbox where people can send leaked documents and messages without their identities ever being known the underlying code for strongbox was co-created by our assess inventor and open source activist aaron swartz he committed suicide in january at the age of twenty six while facing a federal trial and thirty five years in prison u.s. prosecutors were targeting swartz for downloading millions of online academic articles journalists are employed with the responsibility of informing the public and holding a lectern officials accountable the first amendment of the constitution protects press freedom but all one has to do is look at recent events to know that doesn't always happen reporting from new york port r.t.
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. fears a conflict in syria could be spilling into neighboring countries have once again been stoked as reports of a merged of another incident this latest cross border violence a rocket apparently been fired from lebanon toward israel while hours earlier two shells landed in a hezbollah controlled area of beirut as yet it's unclear who's responsible for that attack which wounded at least five people but it appears it was launched from inside lebanon this comes just a day after the militant group reiterated its support for the assad regime and despite the free syrian army denying any involvement the middle east expert allie risk says rebel says the rebels public statements can't be trusted because they as a group are too divided. some members of the free syrian army deny that however there was one official who said that hezbollah you know its activity will lead to repercussions that would target but you would the northern city of tripoli and beirut international airport and that perhaps is that in the case of that some of
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these opposition groups some of these syrian opposition groups are indeed involved in what happened today you have to remember that the free syrian army is in to the one block so if one spokesman denies that it might very well be that the opposition obviously and group which also use of title the free syrian army could have been involved but one of the rockets even landed here near what church and it lies on the border between the southern beirut and the christian district so obviously this is not an attack on a husband. institution it's a clearly an act of terrorism against the innocent civilians on and habited area and so i think it just goes to show you the nature of these groups who we are dealing with. reports emerge in the u.k. claiming russia is playing it safe when it comes to defense sales to syria moscow halting a deal to sell advanced anti-aircraft missiles to damascus worth up to a billion dollars out of fear they could fall into the wrong hands head to our web
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site for more on the aborted deal plus. in japan people rally outside a south korean newspaper offices angry at comments it made about the atomic bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki to find out what got them so angry on our website r t dot com. u.s. president barack obama delivered a major speech on the future of u.s. counter-terror this week he pressed for more transparency in drone strikes but defended the program calling it just and necessary this after washington said four u.s. citizens have been killed in targeted attacks since two thousand and nine author and activist david swanson thinks the drone program leaves too many unanswered questions he claims that he is going to furthur limit his murder by drone program including applying these arbitrary criteria met in secret by himself to his own satisfaction to non americans at least in certain countries countries other than afghanistan and yet he's not provided publicly any documentation of
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the claims he's made thus far i mean if if he would rather have captured ardmore a lockie why did he not indict him with with any criminal charges or provide any evidence to anyone that he was guilty of any criminal acts this is this is not transparency and if these reforms and limitations are needed on this program then what of the conduct of this program here too for is it not as criminal and abusive as it appears. president obama also renewed his pledge to close and close the guantanamo bay detention center promising to lift his own freeze on transferring detainees to yemen this is the hunger strike in the facility reaches its hundred eleventh day more than one hundred prisoners currently protesting against indefinite detention and alleged inhumane treatment as many have still not been formally charged one former guard at the prison says his guantanamo experience was
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deeply unsettling some of the some of the tactics that i saw practice in guantanamo i just never really want to wish to relive again omar kotter and a number of other detainees they were privileged to something we called the frequent flyer program it essential to move them every two hours whether removing them from camp delta the camp echo or moving them from bravo block to charlie block be it a little move or a big idea of a set every two hours they would be moved and they wouldn't be able to sleep this was essentially thought to wear down their psyche and make them more. probable to give up information during interrogation the only reason the detainees are being force fed is that the the u.s. military or rather the powers that be are scared that these men have enough conviction to to literally starve to death and they know that if these men do starve to death it will make the u.s. look bad in the global perspective as it stands right now they have so many
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millions of dollars taxpayer money in but if you just devoted another four hundred fifty million i think that's just perfect evidence right there there's no intention to close up where the. taking a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe police used tear gas to disperse one hundred fifty thousand protesters at an anti-gay marriage rally in the french capital demonstrators angry at the country's new same sex marriage adoption act that came into force a week ago they claim president a law is prioritizing the issue over the economy france now the ninth country in europe to legalize gay marriage. more than sixty people arrested after a violent clashes a techno music protest parade in the swiss capital burned more than twenty police were injured as officers used water cannons and tear gas on an anticapitalist group known as the black bloc clashes broke out when protesters tried to tear down temporary barricades blocking parliament. u.s. secretary of state john kerry's put his weight behind
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a four billion dollars plan to develop the palestinian economy he claimed the investment program would also benefit israel and jordan but didn't specify where the money would come from according to his report the plan will cut unemployment and raise the average wage by up to forty percent kerry's been trying to revive the peace process but hasn't made any tangible progress so far recommendation. is up next a look at the possible dangers of genetically modified crops the second part of our special report on so-called franken foods after this short break stay with us. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom hardy welcome to the big picture.
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a clear image of iraq after inflation play twenty day taxi trip through the country. the road full of dangerous. clear evidence from north to south. the root of iraqi tragedy. after the war waiting for peace. taxi on r.t. . if you.
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live. live live under clinton. primarily it's to allow the crops to drink poison. herbicide. eighty five percent of all the g.m. crops are sold reese the herbicide that it's designed not to die from. so rolled up ready soy is designed not to dump it from around the purpose of genetic engineering
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is on the coat tail of conventional and dust fuel agriculture that is characterized by the proliferation of agro chemicals fertilizers pesticides herbicides fungicides all of these chemicals have. costs in on energy production they have cost in environmental cleanup this is self-propagating genetic pollution we have the technology today to fully clean up the damage gene pool maybe we will in the future but we're not feeding the products of a good food science to the entire population and releasing even to be viable when they can never be recall. any scientists who tells you they know that g m o's are safe and not to worry about it is either ignorant of the history of science or is deliberately lying nobody knows what the long term effects will be geneticists dr david suzuki genetically.


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